Monday, 6 July 2015

'About'...Queen of layering

Hello everyone,

welcome to my new section called 'About'...
Before a few days ago, I got an idea that I would  like to start writing not just about me and my outfits, but show you more from this beautiful world. Show you fashion without prejudice, and let you admire the beauty of differences between us people from different countries, religions, sizes, ages and etc.

Let`s begin....

Dina Torkia a.k.a Dina Tokio

First time I saw Dina in BBC3 documentary called Muslim Miss World, which I started to watch because of my curiosity. My expectations were really strict, {like person who grow up in Slovakia, country full of prejudices and fears of something different} but however after few minutes I was pleasantly surprised of Dina's attitude and her cuteness. The documentary was interesting and showed me something more about the Islamic religion; women wearing Hijabs and Dina's sense for fashion that wasn't possible to overlook.
When I found out that young energetic lady travelling to Asia for a competition is actually a famous Youtuber, I was well glad that I could see more from her life. I watched many of her videos and enjoyed every bit, but what I was most concerned about was the fashion and then my steps to continue on Instagram...

Dina`s youtube channel :
            web page:
            fashion blog:


 Who is she ?

Fashion designer, fashion blogger, Muslim Miss contestant, Youtuber and fashion icon for a lot of Muslim women around the world {even for me}, in short, she is person of a lot talent, who is still staying modest and interesting at the same time.
A 25 year old half British half Egyptian hijabi blogger,  with an "ideology" I admire:
-  it is about fashion, not about showing your body -
-  be different it's worth it-

Ps: Fashion doesn't care which religion you are, fashion "loves" everyone with the same "love"...
Pss: I'm mentally punishing myself that I didn't buy the Cut out Kimono from her collection.... 


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