Sunday, 9 August 2015

First free weakend in a while...

Hi everyone......

Finally just chilling on the sofa and writing this post. My second half just popped to his parents  to wish his lovely dad Happy Birthday {and hopefully my future Father in Law :DDDD} I have some time for myself and the best way to spend it is listen music, exercise, have a bath, write with my friend, who going to move in England {quite close to me},  and yeah sure, edit pictures from last weekend and write new post on my blog. It's is slowly growing some what in number of followers and comments, so thank you all lovelies. If you read my last post you probably registered that we went for wedding in France, in small village call Chateau de Loir. What about France? I just love it! Like honestly guys, you can feel such great vibes when you're cruising all this narrow roads around massive fields with old windmills and  vineyards and apple orchards. Then you go down to town for some delicious dinner, nice warm evening and kind people. I felt in love with the French and all this atmosphere. The wedding was just like from the movies, sunny day, men wearing kilts, bride was gorgeous, groom charming and we just had such a nice time. The bravest ones went sleep at 5 at morning, me and Carolyn {my boyfriends brother fiancĂ©} we went to bed about 2. Well we just went because the music from downstairs {the venue was literally under our room in hotel} was that loud that you could feel the floor in the room vibrating. Anyway on Sunday's morning we went back to England {and it was hot} my love was dying during how the mix of alcohol {champaign, wine, rum, whisky} was leaving his body, then had some food on the ferry {I had lasagne, which was not worth of £6 at all}, and finally everybody exhaustedly fainted in bed about midnight. The next day me and Andy went for trip in London, start with breakfast in our old friend Mr. McDonald, left our luggage at Waterloo station, visited my friend Tomas, got some incredible tasty fruit from him, took some photos, some dinner in a Lebanese restaurant, went to Harrods {inhale the luxury} and hit a few museums.

So here are a couple of photos took by me and then my outfit of the day, photos taken by my dear boyfriend.

Write you soon

Coat -

Shirt - Primark

Throusers - tk.maxx

Shoes - Zara