Sunday, 25 January 2015

What`s happened druing the week...


Today, it`s a pretty chilly Sunday, the best of days for a recapitulation of the week. Work. Over  the few last days I felt fed up with my current work, so why not try something new!? After four days struggling with my CV {thanks my love} I applied for a job in H&M. Now I am waiting and praying for their call, which should invite to an interview. Next is that we decide to start losing weight. Some rules about eating and ‘cheat day’ {which is especially for my sweets obsessed boyfriend}. Btw what is better than after Saturday`s morning class in gym chatting with some random 67 year old lady in the changing room. Yeah I know it`s normal but she was freshly showered yeah, and freshly naked, complaining to me on the cold water. Well in these situations you need to keep eye contact! After the sooo fresh morning, it continued with shopping the lovely labels SALE everywhere. The biggest ones are actually in Blue Inc and Topshop. Last new; next Friday we going to a birthday party in London and also we will spend there all weekend. Yey!

Write you soon

Jumper ~ H&M

Necklace ~ TOPSHOP

Jeans ~ Primark

Shoes ~ Primark


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Trip to wonderland ...

A pretty sunny Saturday morning {yes writing about yesterday}. We spent one hour at Cambridge train station waiting on train to Peterborough. What`s best whilst annoyingly waiting? Go and buy hot chocolate, moan and make your boyfriend take a photo of you {especially of your outfit}. Obviously I am not going to be satisfied with any average photo snapped with my poor Iphone 4S. 259 photos later, by a boyfriend who was pretending not to be bored, it`s next to the finished details and use my framed app…..Tadaaaaa. 

"John Lennon" glasses ~ Gate {bought ages ago in Slovakia + pretty cheap 0,42£}
Earring ~ H&M
Necklace  ~ H&M {not seen in the photo but maybe next time}
Coat  ~ Quiz
Jumper ~ River Island
High waist jeans ~ Primark
Shoes ~ River Island
Rucksack  ~ CCC

Write you Soon

Pizza Hut

Oh dear,
Ages ago {actually in fact one week ago} we couldn't be bothered to cook {lazy us}. Plan B after a ‘healthy’ McDonalds was Pizza Hut {in deep love with salad bar}. Here we go! With a 3O minute walk there and 3O back. Easy as F*** but it`s not that easy when u are full up as F*** {look at the cheeky baggy shirt}.

Hair ~ Miley Cyrus
Necklace ~ Primark
Shirt ~ New Yorker
Leggins ~ Primark
Shoes ~ CatWalk
Rucksack ~ CCC

Write you Soon