Sunday, 8 March 2015

08/03/2015 International Women`s Day

Hey Sisters ...

At the morning it was a beautifull sunny Sunday.....after 2 hours stepped out from the front door...Armagedon, end of the world, Monday morning, I dont know how much worse I can describe the beuatifull shiny sun, which is now probably in another galaxy. Never mind. Pop into McDonalds to get a cheeky sandwich for the trip. Donate some old clothes for charity {not touching feelings}. Get the camera ready, take off my coat and enjoy the torturing by the wind, rain, running nose and people who look at you like two junkies under the bridge. Never mind. I am not complaining I am just showing the true side. Stay positive :D

Next was my interview in Topshop, which they invited me last week. Well unsuccessful. You know in the middle of the interview you realize that it`s part time not full time, which you need, other people {students} working in retail half of their lives {but about fashion they haven’t any clue, fake dirty Michael Kors hand bag, I still got anxiety attack thinking about it} I don’t want to be bad. Lipstick on teeth {really?} Ok I am silent. Velvet dress……

New tattoo. I will put a photo, maybe, later, maybe, never. Anyway on Friday I will have touch ups of the old ones and another new one, what will it be? Check the date at Friday muahaha.

And down there some darkness like souls fake bitches ….

Write you soon

Choker – H&M

Top – H&M

Trousers – Tkmax

Shoes – New Balance

Backpack – CCC

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sunday`s recapitulation


Sitting behind a laptop with a black plastic back on my head {looking like the female version of Aladdin}. Removal of my {6 years old} black hair colour take II. The first attempt was slightly unsuccessful {it looked like an upside down ombre picture}. When you’re against expensive hairdressers because you know how to handle money, but in fact you’re going to screw your hair and anyway and still pay at least 25 quid for hair colour removers. I’ve made my lucky boyfriend my personal hairdresser and mental support. I wouldn't be bothered if I didn’t have an interview in TOPSHOP this Thursday. 5th March at 11 am I will shit myself, get a sweat like on spinning class, and shake like a shaved cat in front of Moscow`s Saint Basil`s Cathedral in January. Well what’s the biggest problem? It’s choosing the right outfit. For this reason I had to spend some of my hard earned money and buy something representative. Some Michael Kors, some Ralph Lauren, some gifted New Balance, anyway u will see soon. 

Anyway now I am going to enjoy my 'healthy' takeaway {it`s cheat day} and wash my hair with little hope that I will look like after Photoshop. 

Write you soon

Hat ~ I have no idea

Necklace ~ New Look

T-shirt ~ Primark

Coat ~

Sweater ~ second-hand

Jeans ~ Primark

Backpack ~ CCC

Shoes ~ Nike