Monday, 29 June 2015

New sence

Hi there

I have been thinking. Is this the right way how I should do my blog? Is this the right way how to speak to you and make you look forward to the new posts? Honestly I don’t know and I would like to know your opinion right under this article.

Little changes; I will start write more about fashion, fashion trends, about my wish list, and must have.

Anyway today we went to Cambridge for another day of shopping and my simple set goal to get something pink {baby pink} and something with a turtle neck. In the end I got a short sleeve chiffon shirt {baby pink colour, from the Primark} and a long cotton dress with turtle neck {stripy one from Topshop}.
- Women wear all shades of pink, it makes you more feminine, cute and younger.-
About the turtle neck; {I complete love it !} at first I was like "naaah it should stay somewhere in my childhood" {understand I. a little sunflower dress with cheeky turtle neck at my age of 5}, but after hundreds and hundreds of Instagram pictures with perfect bodies in crop turtle neck tops, I was like "all right I will give a go to this type of top" {understand II. not the crop top showing my non-perfect body from Instagram}.

- If you are not in the top 2% population who has a flawless body, and your self-criticism doesn't let you even put hand on the hanger in the store, don’t be sad, run to shopping centre and look for some knitted dress, oversize sleeveless knitted top, or cotton stripped dress like me. -

Now the Photos we took beside of our house. Such a jungle.

Tees - H&M

Tattoo - Eva hriesne dobra

Back pack - New Look

Shoes - Les Artists

Jean - Primark

Sunglasses - Vintage shop

Hair - Just love samurai ponytail <3 br="">

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