Thursday, 23 July 2015

Well, well, well

Hi everyone ....

Back after a few days, feeling relaxed and on a good mental level. Well if I should be honest I didn’t feel like this for quite a while. Maybe not since I left Slovakia, which is like one and half years ago! So Yes! I am feeling more secure, and finally can see and fully appreciate how mine and Andrew's {my boyfriend} home is slowly growing. Plus my self confidence slowly stepping up the stairs {pretty lazy}. Yesterday {after long and long thinking} I went for Physiotherapy (I was in a little bit of doubt) and I feel soooooo much better now. I couldn't actually believe how relaxed and light I felt after one hour of pain (painful but worth it).  Love my 'new' back, got some tips how to stretch my muscles and how to properly hold my shoulders so I couldn't be more happy.

Topic number two.... is how I saw myself on few photos and my actual (not the imaginary) weight. I couldn’t be happy with the way I look, so I decided to do something about this, plus this is another of my lifetime dreams (have the perfect body) and start exercise and eat more healthy and blah blah blah... more about that you can read soon in a new article from the section 'About'.

Carry on to the thing which I will go throw in next days and its weekend with my lovely other half {Andrew} and his family in London where we will celebrate his 24th birthdaaaay! And the next thing is that at 31. of july {what is next Friday} we going to the second wedding this year which will be in France ! Yeay {dancing inside my head}. Sooo of course preparing some nice fancy outfit and hope so lots and lots of instagram selfies and etc.

This outfit I wore on my Topshop interview so at least you can see and comment and share and write down in comments what you think about it xxx

Write you soon

Dress - H&M

Vest - Primark

Jeans - Primark

Shoes - Zara

Necklace - New Look

Bag - CCC


  1. Great look - love the printed kimono!
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. I love your necklace/body chain and your printed coverup! You look studding! I'm inlove with your photos. Btw, would you like for us to follow each other? Let me know. Follow me so I can follow you back right away. Keep in touch!

    Much love,
    -Eva Marie

  3. OMG, thanks a lot for your words. It's very important to me to know this <3

    You look amazing. I really love your style and this kimono look amazing on you :D

    I'm following you via GFC right now. Can you follow me back, please? :D

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  4. your outfit is amazing!!!! I'm following you on GFC right now. Can you follow me back, please? :D

  5. that kimono has a really lovely print!

  6. Hello,

    Beautiful ! :D


  7. You're welcome dear. It's a pleasure :D

    I followed you back :D

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  8. you look spectacular dear! That printed kimono is so eye-cathing....The black jeans and top are a great combo.
    I have followed you back and I'm looking forward to us becoming blogger buddies:)

    I'm glad to hear you have a new 'back'. I've started working out lately and I'm already feeling better.

    1. Ivana thank you for your kind word dear ;) well I didnt workout quite while so I felt little but tensed so I had to go to physio .... Keep in touch darling

  9. I love this, so pretty! Love your long kimono!

  10. very interesting look! :)