Sunday, 9 August 2015

First free weakend in a while...

Hi everyone......

Finally just chilling on the sofa and writing this post. My second half just popped to his parents  to wish his lovely dad Happy Birthday {and hopefully my future Father in Law :DDDD} I have some time for myself and the best way to spend it is listen music, exercise, have a bath, write with my friend, who going to move in England {quite close to me},  and yeah sure, edit pictures from last weekend and write new post on my blog. It's is slowly growing some what in number of followers and comments, so thank you all lovelies. If you read my last post you probably registered that we went for wedding in France, in small village call Chateau de Loir. What about France? I just love it! Like honestly guys, you can feel such great vibes when you're cruising all this narrow roads around massive fields with old windmills and  vineyards and apple orchards. Then you go down to town for some delicious dinner, nice warm evening and kind people. I felt in love with the French and all this atmosphere. The wedding was just like from the movies, sunny day, men wearing kilts, bride was gorgeous, groom charming and we just had such a nice time. The bravest ones went sleep at 5 at morning, me and Carolyn {my boyfriends brother fiancĂ©} we went to bed about 2. Well we just went because the music from downstairs {the venue was literally under our room in hotel} was that loud that you could feel the floor in the room vibrating. Anyway on Sunday's morning we went back to England {and it was hot} my love was dying during how the mix of alcohol {champaign, wine, rum, whisky} was leaving his body, then had some food on the ferry {I had lasagne, which was not worth of £6 at all}, and finally everybody exhaustedly fainted in bed about midnight. The next day me and Andy went for trip in London, start with breakfast in our old friend Mr. McDonald, left our luggage at Waterloo station, visited my friend Tomas, got some incredible tasty fruit from him, took some photos, some dinner in a Lebanese restaurant, went to Harrods {inhale the luxury} and hit a few museums.

So here are a couple of photos took by me and then my outfit of the day, photos taken by my dear boyfriend.

Write you soon

Coat -

Shirt - Primark

Throusers - tk.maxx

Shoes - Zara 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Little jump to France...

Hi everyone ...

So in fact tomorrow is Thursday {you dont say} and I will be working a full 8 hours, leave Sawston {where I work} through Cambridge {take a train} to Ely {where we live};
Pack: outfit for Friday's travel to France, dress and shoes for wedding, outfit for way back to UK and outfit for London's 'photoshoot' on Monday {cosmetic, make-up and etc}. With all this on my mind {even more} I decided to write some cheeky quick post, with photos from my last visit to London. In fact, its quite late and I would like to go sleep in a more normal time than midnight. I am going to answer a few of your comments guys {for which I am so grateful} and hitting the bed.
Ps: all my 'selfies' from our trip will be on Instagram; @evelyn_jameson

Write you soon

Top - H&M

Trousers - Primark

Shoes - Nike

Rings - H&M

Sunnies - Vintage shop

Bag - CCC

Monday, 27 July 2015

'About'... Beauty size WOMEN

Hi everyone...


So after a nice but rainy weekend spent in London, I am back with another article from section 'About' and today it will be about ?


Whilst writing my last fashion post, I was not {at all} pleased with the way I look in general {and mostly on photos, they show everything} so I had to start doing something with myself and I have! Don’t get me wrong I am not overweight that I had to completely change my diet or start running every single day. NOPE! I just stopped eating sweats all together, eating less at the evenings and doing some pretty hardcore workouts with weights and a kettle bell {the workout could be more often but I have been quite busy these last two months, so have some mercy with me #noexcuse}.
That is pretty much how to lose the few kilos, which I put on during 11 months of the happiest relationship which I ever been in. Maybe after some visible success I could make more specific posts about all this mainstream healthy way of my life....Just kidding.

NOW, lets introduce to you to these Three LADIES, who love and proudly wear their curves.

Ps: Fashion doesn't care which size you are, fashion "loves" everyone with the same "love"...
Pss: Honestly?! I am standing in the dark corner with my jealousness over these Ladies confidence and love for their bodies. 

All photos are from these WOMENS Instagram accounts, which I follow by myself {@evelyn_jameson}.

Write you soon

Instagram: @asos_felicity
Curve Stylist

Instagram: @daniellevanier
+ size fashion blogger

Instagram: @girlwithcurves

Editor of Blogger | Stylist | Wife + Mama | Curves and Curls


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Well, well, well

Hi everyone ....

Back after a few days, feeling relaxed and on a good mental level. Well if I should be honest I didn’t feel like this for quite a while. Maybe not since I left Slovakia, which is like one and half years ago! So Yes! I am feeling more secure, and finally can see and fully appreciate how mine and Andrew's {my boyfriend} home is slowly growing. Plus my self confidence slowly stepping up the stairs {pretty lazy}. Yesterday {after long and long thinking} I went for Physiotherapy (I was in a little bit of doubt) and I feel soooooo much better now. I couldn't actually believe how relaxed and light I felt after one hour of pain (painful but worth it).  Love my 'new' back, got some tips how to stretch my muscles and how to properly hold my shoulders so I couldn't be more happy.

Topic number two.... is how I saw myself on few photos and my actual (not the imaginary) weight. I couldn’t be happy with the way I look, so I decided to do something about this, plus this is another of my lifetime dreams (have the perfect body) and start exercise and eat more healthy and blah blah blah... more about that you can read soon in a new article from the section 'About'.

Carry on to the thing which I will go throw in next days and its weekend with my lovely other half {Andrew} and his family in London where we will celebrate his 24th birthdaaaay! And the next thing is that at 31. of july {what is next Friday} we going to the second wedding this year which will be in France ! Yeay {dancing inside my head}. Sooo of course preparing some nice fancy outfit and hope so lots and lots of instagram selfies and etc.

This outfit I wore on my Topshop interview so at least you can see and comment and share and write down in comments what you think about it xxx

Write you soon

Dress - H&M

Vest - Primark

Jeans - Primark

Shoes - Zara

Necklace - New Look

Bag - CCC

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Up and down...

Hello everyone...

It's Thursday and I finally finished my application form for an Apprenticeship, so finger cross. When we are on the topic of jobs, let me mention that on Monday I had my second Topshop interview, at the Grand Arcade in Cambridge. Result?  Forge that! Basically I dont have experiences, any fashion sense, or communication skills, so I spent all my Monday's evening crying and feeling pity for myself {poor little Barbora}. But a new day came, I didn’t give up and started looking for another job {the 10 jobs before that I didn’t get any response, I am not gonna even mention ('dammit' I did it)}. And come up some 'fancy' Burger King job, and this Lloyds Bank Apprenticeship. So I gave to it a Go!

Enough about my unsuccessful career in UK and lets speak about something else.
I hope so that all of you like the new section called 'About' and the article about Dina Torkia, if you haven'tread it yet here is it :
The next one I am looking forward to write for this section, is something about sizes and social standard so.....I am not going to say more.
And last thing is that I have a couple outfits for the blog, but just didn’t have time yet to put it together and take pics, edit it, write it and post it, so please Excuse me!

Hat - H&M

Shirt - NewYorker

Necklace - New Look

Jumper - SecondHand

Shoes - New Look

Backpack - New Look