Sunday, 21 June 2015


Oh hi...

Well, three months, but I've got ridiculously good excuses {just for the last two months, the first I have been just cross-stitching, lazy, depressed, basically me}.

First things first we moved into a nice new two bedroom house, and because the prices in Cambridge are disgusting, we had to moved our asses to Ely, which is on the North of Cambridge {winter is coming}. With a little #cheeky garden, two lovely toilets, two semi big bedrooms and a seemingly optimistic living room [not that optimistic once the 1 corner 3 sofa arrived]. After all that bloody stress with arranging deliveries, out of stock shits from Argos, and counting money you have already spend, its finally over and you can start enjoying every single little fuc...thing. Am I swearing too much? FUCK NO!

Cross-stitching my new little obsession, u know earning some pocket money.

Lazy.... I am lazy bitch, I know it, my fat sitting on belly know it, everybody know it. {My boyfriend knows it but he pretends that I look like from Victoria Secret Fashion show awww bless him}. But now {after depression and crying how a fat bastard I am} I found the Tuji Taekwondo Club in Ely and I have been joining their training for the last one month. Love it! Old happy me is back kicking, punching, screaming and regretting every single minute of sweating my pants {sorry tobok}.

Now to the photos. We were in Leeds at the start of the month for my boyfriend's sister's wedding. Lovely memories, lovely family, lovely typical Scottish dance moves. My silver dress from Quiz became famous, I was happy, that meant my boyfriend was happy and enjoying our time together. The Hilton hotel {with slovakian waitress there} was clean, comfy and posh {I love this combination...Who doesn't?}

"sleeveless cardigan" - Quiz

vest -Primark

jeans - Primark

slippers - Primark

back - River Island

sunglasses - Gate

accessories - Primark  

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