Thursday, 19 February 2015

Tomorrow is Friday

Hi there…

                                                          photographed by Barbora Hodorova

How’s it going? Here? The weather is raining, cold and windy as FUCK…oh I just swear too much! I’m laying in bed, listening to the pretty old school Christina Aguilera - Can`t hold us down. The only thing which holds me on the top is the thought that is Friday tomorrow. Yaaaaas $$. A plan for weekend? Here? Transform my old little {as long as my bed in fact 2m x 1,5m} room to my new wardrobe. We’ve been planning this for about 3 months? Obviously we’re successful with our ideas {little cheeky wink}. Then a Tesco shop {high level Bitches}.

Did I ever mention how I adore Lady Gaga?  Her perfume Fame {gold top and black liquid should symbolize black soul of fame}. She is just a un-forgettable person. 

These photos were taken last weekend. Well, drinking an icy smoothie wasn’t such a brilliant idea in this weather. But I was brave {again little cheeky wink}. Lovely walk around Cambridge with my {amateur photographer} boyfriend {aww bless him}. 

Btw love the old school purple Fila trainers xox.

Write you soon.

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Denim jacket ~ second hand

Necklace ~ TOPSHOP

Tee ~ H&M

Back Pack ~ CCC

Jeans ~ Primark

Trainers ~ Fila 


  1. I love your outfit and great post! HAPPY weekend :-)