Saturday, 7 February 2015

Busy days

Hello ...

Well, well, well guys, the sunny weather {you can see on photos} is killing me! It`s as well a reason why I have been so silent the last two weeks. You know, I am coming back from work about 7 {it`s already dark}, during weekend is rainy as F**k, and then it’s dark. 
Recapitulation from last 14 days is .... the H&M job {still crying} ahm for them I haven't enough experiences. Fine! .... We was in London for a birthday meal {sounds funny and it was good fun} but unfortunately I didn’t take a proper photo, {wrote ‘proper’ because I do have one cheeky from Platform 9 3/4} of my outfit which means that I want to do it in the next few days {hopefully tomorrow} .... next arrived my new shoes Nike Roshe Run in black and white {sickness} and new "coat" from {will be as well on pictures} ...applied for the new vacancy in topshop .....and today we went to look at our new house {because we are just sick of house sharing BULLS*IT ...... {little cheeky shopp as well} Well for today finitto. 

Write you soon

Hat ~ H&M
Necklace ~ Topshop
Ring ~ Topshop
Shirt {Blaser} ~ Blue Inc
Jacket ~ Second Hand
Jeans ~ Primark 
Shoes ~ Schuh 

Handbag ~ River Island