Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ready begin

Hello .....
Emergency of too much cliché in one article.

When you realize you are putting so much effort in to the fashion, styling and clothes that you should make some steps forward. Here we go! What better like my own fashion blog? Maybe just my own fashion brand or another few thousand things buuut what’s the saying {how Drake says} “started from the bottom”.
I started exactly from there when I was born in Slovakia. A little cheeky country in the heart of Europe. After 19 years spent there {yeah it`s just Slovakia without the Czech before} I moved to the UK. My dreams begun to come true, heaven bells, hallelujah!
Let`s move...
20 year old girl from Cambridge, living with her English boyfriend in one cute {so cute that I almost start crying from all the cuteness} double room on the edge of the airport. Lucky us...

Enjoy life
Enjoy blog

Write you soon

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